Gerard Nijhoving, Managing Director Senbis Polymer Innovations about biobased and biodegradable plastics

Gerard Nijhoving is an entrepreneur and Managing Director of Senbis Polymer Innovations in the Netherlands. He holds a BSc in mechanical engineering and a MSc in engineering and policy analysis. Before Senbis, Gerard has worked as a management consultant, sales manager and business developer for different organizations. Besides the polymer sector he has experience in the food and biodiesel industry. Within Senbis, Gerard is responsible for general management, investments, marketing and commerce.

During the live event on the 17th of November Gerard will talk about a wide range of new biobased and biodegradable products that his company Senbis Polymer Innovations developed for markets such as agriculture and horticulture, marine sector, sport fields & landscape. Apart from developing new products, Senbis also works on solving polymer challenges by analysing, researching and experimenting with new polymers. Next to that Gerard will touch upon the following subjects: history of Senbis, how Senbis operates, challenges & opportunities in the bio-economy and cooperation within the Northern region (SPIC, SUSPACC, Chemport). He will end with a short recap of the Webinar from October 28th about European developments towards biodegradable polymers.