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We are pleased to tell you we have been working hard on Chemport Connect. With Chemport Connect we will bring you interactive webinars, an exclusive online community and an international digital live event on November 17th.

In short we offer you the opportunity to network internationally, to share knowledge, to trade and to be part of various worldwide innovations and successes within the Chemport Europe ecosystem.

During our live event on the 17th we are proud to present an exclusive worldwide scoop of Teijin Aramid, different keynote speakers like Gerard Nijhoving (Senbis) and Tom van Aken (Avantium), an international panel discussion lead by Peter Schelstreate (Ubuntoo) live from Atlanta and a look inside the future of enhanced recycling by Josse Kunst (CuRe Technology).

So do not hesitate and sign up, now is the time to register for this inspiring online community!

For just € 50,- you will get access to our community, the possibility to join our interactive webinars and be a part of our unique digital live event on the 17th!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Kind regards,

Team Chemport Connect