Inspiration session Pezy Group @ChemportExpo

Pezy Group: Design for recycling without design from recycling can never be circular

Today, the world of development and the world of waste recovery function as two separate worlds that prevent us from making use of the full potential they offer.

In the past 10 years, Pezy Group has gathered a lot of experience applying Post-Consumer Recycled plastics in consumer products that require high-grade plastics.

During their inspiration session Pezy Group will show what the design barriers are and, more importantly, how to deal with them. Knowing how creates the ability to utilize the full potential of this value chain. Following a 6-step approach, they will show how to implement recycled plastics into your product portfolio building knowledge and confidence within your organization and supply chain. Key to the approach is to grow from developing small successes at start to increase impact in your portfolio as you go. To showcase what level can be reached, a recently launched product developed according to the Design For Recycling guidelines, will be shown and explained.

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