Keynote speaker – Josse Kunst

The future of enhanced recycling – CuRe Technology is closing the loop of used polyester.

Josse Kunst is the chief commercial officer of CuRe Technology and has 25+ years business experience in more than 60 countries worldwide. From early on he is passionate to understand how things work, how they are manufactured and what materials are used in the process.  Polyester for instance is one of the world’s most reversible plastics and should not go to waste. With our CuRe Technology we can go all the way from collected polyester waste to a final product, creating a fully circular polyester chain.​

During the Chemport Connect live event on the 17th of November Josse will talk about the future of enhanced recycling and how the CuRe technology is being a significant part of the solution.

photography: Theo Berends fotografie