Keynote Tom van Aken about saccharides as chemical building blocks

During the Chemport Digital Live Event Tom van Aken, CEO of Avantium, will tell us what we can expect in the future from chemistry based on sugars and how Avantium plays an important role for the Northern Netherlands to take up a position as a producer of biobased chemicals.

Saccharides (sugars) are wonderful building blocks for the chemical industry. They are versatile molecules that can be used as biobased feedstock to make chemicals and materials, such as bioplastics. Naturally, crops such as sugar beet, maize and potatoes were considered, but also industrial C5 and C6 sugars made from wood, for example by companies such as Avantium.

The Chemport Europe region already has an extensive ecosystem and the necessary infrastructure to produce sugars. In addition the region has a seaport that makes it easy to import feedstock, which is already happening. There is also plenty of expertise in technological developments, such as fermentation, with which we can convert saccharides. Combined with the presence of existing industry and chemical clusters in Emmen and Delfzijl we can see that this development would come into its own here.