NHL Stenden main sponsor of Chemport Connect

Chemport Connect is a digital platform for green chemistry developments in the Northern Netherlands. Central to the platform is the chemical industry with an emphasis on circular and bio-based polymers. The north is known for this.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences plays an important role when it comes to the development of knowledge about polymers. This is largely being implemented by its research groups Sustainable Plastics and Circular Plastics. In addition, together with Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, they are the initiators of Green PAC, a platform for practice-oriented research on polymers. Within this initiative, NHL Stenden and Windesheim are working together with the business community and other Nothern knowledge institutions, like Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Hanzehogeschool, on pioneering developments in the field of circular and biobased polymers. From new ways of 3D printing to the development of biocomposite materials for construction and infrastructure projects.

With the main sponsorship, NHL Stenden wants to contribute to putting the north in the spotlight as the region for the development of circular and biobased solutions around polymers. NHL Stenden is convinced that this will only succeed by working together and showing what is happening in the north. With her main sponsorship for Chemport Connect, she actively contributes to this.