Panel discussion on bioplastics with Peter Schelstraete CEO of Ubuntoo

Peter Schelstraete, CEO of Ubuntoo

Ubuntoo is a collaborative platform that connects the world’s changemakers and provides a digital meeting place for “the madmen, the misfits, the rebels” who will become leaders of sustainability for our time. Peter Schelstraete, CEO and Co-Founder of Ubunto: “We are a community of believers and achievers who are achieving real breakthroughs not just from innovative business models and disruptive mindsets, but from the new technologies and materials that turn ideas into reality.” To achieve this, Ubuntoo focuses on accelerating scalable sustainability solutions to stop plastic waste.

During the Chemport Digital Live Event on November 17, Ubuntoo is organizing a panel discussion on bioplastics. To this end, Ubuntoo has invited four international entrepreneurs that are boosting new research and developments in the biobased industry, to replace materials based on fossil fuels. During the session, these entrepreneurs will introduce themselves with a short “TED Talk”, to showcase their companies and the innovations they are working on. This is followed by a panel discussion with the entrepreneurs and the digital public on topics such as recyclability, biobased, biodegradable and compostable materials.

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