Toward a circular aramid chain – Teijin Aramid is exploring possibilities for sustainable feedstock

Jan Roos began working with Teijin Aramid in 1992. Back then, his focus was on the optimization of the company’s manufacturing processes. His curiosity and ambition to keep on learning led Jan to his current position as Director of Energy Transition & Sustainable Development.

Jan Roos: “Just like me, Teijin Aramid cares about its impact on the planet and how this affects future generations. We want to actively contribute to a better world – now and in the future.”

“To achieve our sustainability targets, we need the cooperation of all partners across the entire value chain. Just as the products of our customers help end users improve their environmental impact, we are also working closely with our raw material suppliers and utility providers.”

“It’s essential that we redesign our energy consumption and other resources and find new ways to recover end-of-life aramids for reuse. We depend on the chemical industry for many of our raw materials. In fact, aromatic-based chemicals form the building blocks for the raw materials used in our production processes.”

“That’s why I’m passionate about working with our suppliers to explore affordable, sustainable, and reliable alternatives for fossil-based raw materials. Together with BioBTX we have launched a pilot project to make renewable, non-fossil-based aramid yarn in a laboratory on a small scale using bio-based BTX raw materials.”

“I look forward to proudly sharing the results of this pilot with you during the Chemport Connect live event on November 17.”