Ubuntoo talks about bioplastics during the Sustainable Plastics & Materials Expo in Emmen

Ubuntoo believes that the world’s biggest environmental issues can be solved, not by large hierarchical institutions, but through grassroots actions by connected individuals.

Ubuntoo sets out to connect the world’s changemakers, providing a digital gathering place for “the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels”, who will emerge as the leaders of sustainability for our time. Schelstraete: “We are a community of believers and achievers who achieve true breakthroughs from not just innovative business models and disruptive mindsets, but the new technologies and materials that turn ideas into reality.” To do so Ubuntoo focuses onaccelerating scalable sustainability solutions to end plastic waste.

Panel discussion about bioplastic

On the first day of the Sustainable Plastics & Materials Expo in Emmen Ubuntoo will be hosting a panel discussion about bioplastics. Therefore Ubuntoo has invited five different entrepreneurs leveraging new research and developments in the bio-based industry to replace fossil fuel-based materials. During the session these entrepreneurs will introduce themselves with a short TED Talk to showcase their companies and the innovations they are working on, followed by a panel discussion with the audience on subjects like recyclability, bio-based, biodegradable and compostable materials.

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